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KT ‘Lets go Golfing’ Ladies Golfing Apparel, is a fun, bold,Stylish and affordable quality range of Ladies Golfing Apparel and accessories.  Each item of clothing  has a Dry-fit component to it, which keeps you feeling fresh and vibrant – all day! KT Golfing Apparel ensures You’ll look stylish from the moment you address your ball – right to when  you receive your well earned reward at the end of the day, at Prize-giving!

Looking great and feeling great with KT Golfing Apparel automatically sets the pace for a positive round of Golf!

KT Golfing Apparel ……ask for it by name !

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Thea Murray  -  071 521 7268
Mandie – 0786484565

E-Mail: info@ktgolfingapparel.co.za

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KT Golfing

Is the only distributor of the Fit 39 golfing gloves.

Fit 39 is the only golf glove that is designed to fit almost any hand with its multi directional stretch material and seams.

Features of the Fit 39:
Fits snugly, regardless of the position or movement of the hand
Maintains a powerful grip and supports the hand firmly
Absorbs perspirations and dries quickly
Its almost waterproof and non slip
Its washable and does not fade
Anti bacterial properties

Made from Japanese multi-directional breathable material, quick drying with antibacterial coating and deodorizing. SEK certified for safety and performance. Available in S,M,L.


We have a selection of silicone belts to include in your wardrobe. One size fits all. Its durable and modern.